Long Gone Summer

Geçmiş Yaz

Rüya gibi bir yazdı. Yarattın hevesinle
Her anını, her rengini, her şi’rini hazdan.
Halâ doludur bahçeler en tatlı sesinle!
Bir gün, bir uzak hatıra özlersen o yazdan

Körfezdeki dalgın suya bir bak, göreceksin:
Geçmiş gecelerden biri durmakta derinde;
Mehtap… iri güller… ve senin en güzel aksin…
Velhasıl o rüya duruyor yerli yerinde!

Yahya Kemal Beyatlı


-Long Gone Summer-

It was a dreamlike summer; you created keenly

Its every moment, every colour, every poem out of pleasure

The gardens are still filled with your sweetest voice.

If, one day, you miss a remote memory from that summer

Just look into the pensive water in the gulf; you’ll see:

Someone from gone nights is standing still in the deep

Moonlight… big roses… and your finest reflection…

In a word, that dream remains in its proper place!

-Translated by Rukiye Uçar…



“The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workingmen of all countries, unite!” -Marx and Engels…

“We stand for the withering away of the state. At the same time we stand for the strengthening of the . . . strongest state power that has ever existed . . . Is this “contradictory”? Yes, it is contradictory. But this contradiction . . . fully reflects Marx’s dialectics.” -Stalin…


Couple of Quotations

“Under the impact of the slow commercialisation and urbanisation of Europe in the intellectual ferment of the Renaissance, and the spread of Protestantism in the 16th century, the old feudal stratification of society gradually began to dissolve, leading to a fear of instability so powerful that monarchical absolutism was viewed as the only remedy to civil dissension.”

-the Britannica Guide to Political and Social Movements that changed the modern world…

“Even if we admit that every generation has the right to write its own history, we admit no more than that it has the right to rearrange the facts in accordance with its own perspective; we don’t admit the right to touch the factual matter itself.”

-Hannah Arendt…

“We tested the system-justifying idea across several research studies, using both undergraduate students and members of the general public. We found that conspiracy theories increased when the legitimacy of society was threatened, and that also being exposed to conspiracy theories increased satisfaction with the status quo when under threat. We found that conspiracy theories were able to increase satisfaction with society in general because people blamed society’s problems on a small group of wrongdoers, rather than society in general.”

-Daniel Jolley…

“…but if the press should ever really become the “fourth branch of government,” it would have to be protected against government power and social pressure even more carefully than the judiciary is. For this very important political function of supplying information is exercised from outside the political realm, strictly speaking; no action and no decision are, or should be, involved.”

-Hannah Arendt…

“…Grotius, about a hundred years earlier, had insisted – when he wished to limit the power of the absolute prince – that “even God cannot cause two times two not to make four.” He was invoking the compelling force of truth against political power; he was not interested in the implied limitation of divine omnipotence.”

-Hannah Arendt…

‘We separate things according to gender, designating the tree as masculine and the plant as feminine. What arbitrary assignments! How far this oversteps the canons of certainty! We speak of a “snake”: this designation touches only upon its ability to twist itself and could therefore also fit a worm. What arbitrary differentiations! What one-sided preferences, first for this, then for that property of a thing!’