These evenings are always vulgar.
Once the day is gone with its splendor
Filling up everywhere with our loneliness
In a scream of colours from our garden,
A hand starts to take out from our pack
The sorrows smelling of lavender;
These evenings are always vulgar.

Regrets, attacking in waves,
Pushes that bronze door of oblivion
And the soul, full of holes with the arrows shot;
Here, all of a sudden, you are in the old house where you were born 
The lamp and the stairs are watching your way,
The cradle is creaking with silenced lullabies
And all the lost, defeated, crestfallen...

It is with the beauty of unspoken love
The poems left incomplete on papers;
One, towards a morning smelling of rain
remembers one day that he opened a door,
A cloud holding still, a bird flying,
A stone that he knelt down and ate cheese and bread on...
All of these are with the beauty of love.

Loves must have flown away with summer
Like girls dancing the halay holding arm in arm.
How about you? Oh the skirts of the past times
From the hidden gardens with old trees
Drifting away like the moonlight;
Leaving the weary men to the night 
Swinging skirts with whispers, coyness.

Waiting for the return of the eternal lover
The flowers, the witnesses of false oaths 
In springs that will no longer be there.  
Oh, deception, the most beautiful song of life!
Be deceived, though the hopeless winter is over;
All lonely footsteps are covered with snow
The flowers, spread by the lover who hasn't returned.   

And you! oh you! Among the blowing branches 
With a quick glimpse like a sparkle
What do you ask of me in this evening hour? 
The woman with no smiles ever seen,
How immortal you are in the mirror of love; 
In this time of waking up of memories
It is  always you, you, among the blowing branches.

Oh oblivion! close your window now,
The sea already dragged me into its depth; 
That world would no longer come out of water. 
A smoke seems to be rising from sorrows
From those things whose excitement is already over. 
Spread all over me with your deadly night
Oh oblivion! Save me from all these griefs.  

Translated by Rukiye Uçar (Ahmet Muhip Dıranas, Olvido)

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